Spinner Fidget toy by Aphilias Review and Unboxing

This week Aphilias sent me this cool fidget spinner/toy to evaluate. I am quite impressed. Out of all of the fidget toys I have used and seen, this one is both the fastest and the quietest. If you are looking for a fidget toy I don't think you could get much better than this.

The fidget toy comes in a small thin box and comes with its own carrying pouch.

The toy itself is made with four speedy ball bearings (the center bearing is a 608 hybrid ceramic bearing) and is made of a hard plastic. There are two plastic button pieces that can pop off.

The toy is balanced well and can easily spin on your finger or a pencil.

Because the plastic is a bit heavy, you get super long and fast spin times with this. Not only that but it is exceptionally quiet.

Fidget spinners are an interesting phenomenon. I must admit that before I tried one I didn't really see the point, but now that I have a few I know that they can be quite soothing and addicting. The main reason I like fidget spinners however is that they can help keep my toddler entertained. He is just over one year old and likes to spin this when I hold it in my hand.

You can get this fidget spinner from: https://aphilias.com/products/spinner-fidget-toy-by-aphilias #AphiliasSpinner

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