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The ibagbar canvas backpack is the perfect companion for school, hiking, travel, or a day bag. The bag is made out of a durable canvas with large heavy duty zippers and handles. This backpack can take a beating without getting damaged.

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I am kind of a backpack snob. For me to like a backpack, it must have the following:

  • Zippers that are durable and easy to move
  • The material must also be durable
  • There must be easy to grip handles that can hold a lot of weight
  • There must be a spot to carry my laptop
  • There needs to be enough pockets that I can organize toiletries or other such items

This backpack meets all my requirements for being an awesome backpack and has some additional cool features to boot.

The main pouch is large enough to easily carry a few days worth of clothes. I took this on my last trip and was able to pack enough clothes for three days (including swimsuits and a towel) and still had room to spare. The laptop pouch is also in the main compartment.

If you stuff a lot of things in this backpack, it might be difficult to later on put a laptop computer in as well. Fortunately, the front pocket also has a pouch large enough for a laptop. I have a Thinkpad with a 17" screen and both pouches are plenty large for my computer. Additionally, you could place an iPad or tablet in one of the pouches. The front pocket also has small pouches for toiletries or school supplies. Underneath this front pocket is another smaller pocket that is great for electronics or supplies.

One of my favorite features of this backpack is that there are three large handles as well as an included shoulder strap. This makes carrying this super easy and convenient. You can wear it like a backpack our carry it like a travel bag (great for taking on a plane).

The two handles are perfect if you have a lot of weight.

The shoulder straps for the backpack can even go inside a specially made storage pouch. This is useful if you check this in on a plane and don't want the straps getting in the way. When you do want to use the backpack straps, you simply roll up the pouch fabric and hold the roll in place with the sewn on Velcro.

I have really enjoyed this backpack and like the design and color. It works great for travel or short camping trips. I think it looks fantastic as well!

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