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PPTP,L2TP,SSTP & OpenVPN Access to 32 countries and 54 locations
(Note: For a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of features and prices for different VPNs, click on this VPN and Proxy Comparison list.)

This week I have been testing EarthVPN. I have been more than happy with EarthVPN as it is one of the cheapest and also the best VPN solutions I have used.

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At just $4/month ($3.99), EarthVPN is one of the cheapest VPN solutions I have seen. What sets EarthVPN apart from other VPN providers however is how professional EarthVPN is. Being as cheap as I am, I prefer the cheapest VPN solutions; as such, I have tried a handful of cheap VPN providers, and they do not even compare with the features and professionalism of EarthVPN.


The website for EarthVPN is well designed, easy to navigate and very professional looking. They offer great information and support from their website. The payment and checkout process is very simple.

The website offers guides for any platform for how to setup VPN using their servers.

EarthVPN had no problems connecting to my Kubuntu (Linux) system.

Features and servers

EarthVPN offers as many features and servers as you would expect from a VPN provider that charges two to three times more. They offer all the standard VPN protocols, connecting software (Windows only), P2P and bittorrent servers, and servers from all over the world.

Reliability and speed

Reliability and speed are the most important to me. Living in China, I have experienced most VPN solutions only staying connected for up to 30 minutes before I have to reconnect. Most VPN solutions here in China are so slow that streaming video rarely works well.

Naturally, the first thing I did when connecting with EarthVPN was to go to Youtube and see how well it streamed. Success! It was very quick. Hulu also worked as well.

The first day of using EarthVPN, I didn't have a single connection or speed problem. Since that time, I have had occasional instances where it will disconnect or stream video slowly (this is common with EVERY VPN I have used here in China though). For the most part, EarthVPN has been very reliable. If I ever do get disconnected, I have never had a problem instantly reconnecting. If it is too slow, I simply switch to a different server (most likely though, the speed problem is probably due to something going on here in China). Update: I recently tried their Hong Kong servers and indeed noticed a much faster speed!

All in all, EarthVPN is the most professional VPN service I have seen for the price. It is easily comparable or better than VPN providers charging two or three times more.


  • One of the cheapest VPN solutions available
  • Professional website, service, and customer support
  • Many different servers
  • Very reliable 
  • Fast
  • Did I mention cheap?
  • Website not blocked in China
  • Offers P2P and Bittorrent
  • They cater to a Chinese market offering US servers optimized for China as well as servers in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • No free trial (they do however offer a no questions asked, 7-day money back guarantee.
Try out EarthVPN today!

(Note: For a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of features and prices for different VPNs, click on this VPN and Proxy Comparison list.)

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  1. Thank you for posting this review -- I think I'm going to sign up with them now that I've seen a regular person say they're worthwhile... Their pricing is about perfect for my budget, but I was concerned that perhaps there'd be a tradeoff in reliability or speed (my DSL is slow enough as it is), so I'm very glad to see it's not a problem.

  2. Which servers gave you the best speeds for China? I tried the optimized server from HK and it wouldn't let me get on FB. Did you use PPTP or Open?

    1. I used PPTP. I have never had much luck with OpenVPN here in China. Currently, I am using a Proxy I bought off for 80 RMB a year. It is probably the fastest (though not most reliable) service I have used.

  3. Going to China soon. Is this still a good service while there?

    1. I have not tried EarthVPN for a while, but pretty sure they are still quite good. Definitely one of the cheapest! I think EarthVPN is just as reliable as some of the more expensive services. That being said, I would still suggest that you put a copy of Freegate on your computer (or USB drive) just as a backup.

    2. I'm in China and have been using EarthVPN since October 2013. It works as reliably as any other VPN I tried. I'm very satisfied with them.

    3. Thanks for your comment! Good to know. Sure is tough to beat their prices!

    4. I'm live in China, this morning I bought EartVPN, I hope he can give me a satisfaction. Of course some servers didn't work here. I have a question for McKay Christensen, it about proxy you bought on taobao, what is the key word you used to check it ? or what is the name of the proxy ? thank you

  4. pure is more cheaper then earth i have read an article at where pure was offering there services in just $2.


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