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Leader Accessories Men's 5mm Full Wetsuit Review

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The Leader Accessories wetsuit is a great wet suit for a great price. It fits well and has good zippers that are easy to grip and zip up and down.

I bought the X-Large size wetsuit and it fits really well. I am 5'11" and about 195 lbs. 6' it probably the ideal height for this sized wetsuit. Any shorter and the sleeves would likely be long. Any taller and the sleeves likely would start being short.

The zippers an this are large and easy to grip. The back zipper has a cord that runs along the back so that you can zip it up yourself.

The chest area is extra grippy; good for surfing and body boarding. The knee areas have an extra layer sewn in for added durability.

Overall I am very please with how well this wetsuit fits and performs.

See current price on Amazon.

See current price on Amazon.

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