My name is McKay. I have always been interested in computers, art, music, fixing things and various other geeky stuff. The reason I created this website was because I realized that I needed some extra motivation to improve some of my skills. Mainly I have always been interested in graphic design; but without having classes or or job that deals with graphic design, I struggled to try anything new. Now with this website I have a little extra motivation to do some projects on my own. If you would like to help me further, feel free to suggest a tutorial!

I grew up in Utah and as such, enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, photography etc. I have also lived in Alaska for the past two summers and have fallen in love with that area. I am LDS (Mormon) and love God and Christ with all my heart. I served a mission for my church in Taiwan and fell in love with the Chinese language, culture and food. If you care to know anything else about me, or wish to get in contact with me, you can look at my website.

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