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Create a grunge business card using the Gimp

A while back I did a tutorial for making a business card using Inkscape.  This will be basically the same, but use the Gimp instead.

A business card is a great way to represent yourself and your talent level (especially if you are a designer and you designed your own card). Creating a business card in the Gimp is fairly fast and easy.

Step 1 - Get the Background Image has a lot of great grunge backgrounds.  Choose one you like and download it. I downloaded this one.  ©  Darren Hester

Step 2 - New Image
Create a new image in the Gimp. Standard business card size is 2" x 3.5"
I don't recommend you create a 2x3.5" business card as it will be pixelated.  I would scale up the image significantly to improve quality.  Also; when printing your business card, you will have printer bleed. Go to the website of the company you wish to have print your business cards and find out what they require for bleed.

Step 3 - Insert the Background

 Drag and drop.

Resize the background if necessary.

Step 4 - Darken the Background

 Create a new Black layer.

Change layer mode to "Grain Merge."

Adjust the opacity till you like it.

Step 5 -  Background for Text

Create a new transparent layer. Use the freehand select tool.  Hold the CTRL key when doing that to get exact angles.

Fill in the area using the paint bucket. I filled it in white and lowered the opacity.

Step 6 - Background Text

 Add your text.
 Rotate it so it fits.
 Select by color.

Select the text (you will probably want to select feather for selection.  I set mine to 4.

Find a grungy looking paint brush and erase your selection. (You will want to press the eye on the text selection so you can't see it. Make sure when you are erasing you are doing the background layer with the white paint).  Erase somewhat artistically.  You don't have to erase everything.

I like to apply jitter, then erase the background sides so it flows more.

Step 7 - Vignette
Use the gradient tool.  Foreground to opacity.

Make sure black is your foreground and apply the gradient till the sides are more black.  You will have to redo this step a few times to get every side.

 Step 8 - Add text

Add your new text.  You can optionally add drop shadows.

 Your grunge business card.
After having done this in both Inkscape and the Gimp, I would recommend that you use Inkscape to do this. The quality is always going to be easier in vector and it will be easier to go back and edit different steps.

About McKay Christensen

After having lived in Oregon, Alaska, and China for the past 10 years doing landscape design and English teaching, I have returned to my home state of Utah and currently work for a growing tech company.

In my free time I enjoy working on my website where I post tutorials and reviews (and anything else I think is geeky) and I also like to write songs for my Super English Kid Youtube channel.

My favorite things to do include anything with my wife and son. Hiking, camping, and photography (or anything else outdoors). Playing Ultimate Frisbee or Ping Pong. Listening to 60s, 70s, or 80s, music. 

Feel free to contact me using my contact page. I would love to hear from any of you!


  1. complicated, but cool

  2. The effect is so classic.

    Thanx for the tut.


  3. How you are rotating that text?? I'm trying but it's not rotating properly!

  4. Great, but the background is a CC image: where do you reference the author?

  5. Very nice, Most printers require Business cards to be 3.6 x 2.1 to account for bleed but it does vary a bit. I have done a few cards in Inkscape and it does work well the only problem is that we print(yes I'm a printer) in CMYK and Inkscape only produces in RGB. Scribus on the other hand can handle CMYK and is easy to use as well.

  6. Marco. I just changed my post. All images from that site are from Darren Hester. Thanks for catching that.

  7. Thanks for the printing tip. I have used Scribus a bit. Good to know it works well for printing.

  8. VasiaUVI; here is the documentation for the rotate tool.

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