Tip of The Day - Buy things for the lowest possible price

People in general are alway trying to find the greatest deal possible.  Here are some tips for how you can do just that effectively.

For our purposes, we are going to be looking for a Canon DSLR camera; let's see how cheap we can go.

We will be using Google Product Search for this, but the principles apply the same for or other similar services.

1. Do a Google search for Canon DSLR
2. Press the "shopping" link above the search results.
3. On the right, press the link "Sort by Price: Low to High"

(At this point, you are probably thinking that this is what you do already...  you are not learning anything new.  These next steps are the more important ones.)

4.  Most of what pops up is going to be cheap accessories that we are not interested in. Put a minus sign (-) in front of that to make it so it does not show up. For example "canon dslr -flash -kit -remote -screen -cap -sd -strap -ring -hood -battery." When you do this, it is not going to show flashes, sd cards, straps etc.  This method works great for some things, but not so great for others. If this is the case (as it is for the dslr canon) then try the next steps below:
5. Try being more specific. "canon dslr camera" creates much better search results (but it also can decrease your chance of finding the cheapest item).
6. Reverse search. Sort by price from high to low, then try finding the page that transitions between actual cameras and camera accessories.  When I do a search for "canon dslr" and sort price high to low, page 30 is about the transition I am looking for.  I already found a camera cheaper this way than doing a search for "canon dslr camera."

Search: canon dslr camera - Search results are clean and easy. Cheapest camera is $448
Search: canon dslr - More search results to look through. Cheapest camera is $399

Spend an extra minute or so and save yourself $50

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  1. This is a very useful tip.. i didn't know that putting a "-" sign before don't show those items.

    Thanks for sharing..


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