Tip of The Day - Removing labels or glue with WD-40

For this tip of the day I am going to talk about two of my favorite things in the universe. WD-40 and hydrogen peroxide.  They both have about a million uses and they are pretty cheap.  I will be showing why WD-40 is amazing for removing glue or labels. (You can buy some WD-40 here on Amazon)

Last night I went to Walmart to get a spay bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  I use hydrogen peroxide to brush my teeth (I know, I know.  I really AM a geek.  In my defense, hydrogen peroxide is used for teeth whitening, AND for killing germs and bacteria).
Hydrogen peroxide is also super cheap and I love the spay bottles that they come in.  This bottle was $1.50 which is as cheap (or cheaper) than buying just an empty spray bottle. So it is like buying an amazing spray bottle with free hydrogen peroxide. I use the bottles to put water in to spray my hair. It has a very fine mist that I like.

The problem is I don't like having a label on it when I put water in it. I recycle as many useful bottles as I can but find that the labels are difficult to remove. I discovered a trick a while ago that is amazing. WD-40.

Most labels glued to plastic either keep the label on securely so you can remove it, or leaves behind a glue residue.

I tried to remove the label, but it is too stubborn.

Welcome my bestest friend; WD-40.

Spray it on and let it set for a while.

Everything comes off super easy now.

You can see the glue smeared on the bottle. I don't know how WD-40 works its magic, but it somehow seems to melt the glue.

Sweet! I have an awesome water bottle for my hair! No glue to get my hands sticky.
(I should also mention that I after spending a few hours trying to get glue out of my hair (Halloween costume wound glue), I used WD-40 and it came right out)

 (You can buy some WD-40 here on Amazon)

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  1. This works like Magic! Thanks a million. I've been soaking, peeling, scraping and scrubbing for hours. The last few stubborn bottles had a sticky glue left which NOTHING else seem to dissolve. WD-40 had it off in seconds. :-)

    1. Glad it worked so well for you. I have always been amazed how it is able to seemingly melt glue like butter!

  2. I'm use this product long time to remove label from my laggege after traveling it's amazing

  3. Recycling is obviously awesome, but my guess is all the unrecyclable waste caused by buying & using a can of WD-40 would take many, many thin petroleum-based plastic bottles recycled to offset. So many. We should perhaps strive to use containers made of something like glass (which can basically be made of melted sand), or one of the "newer" non-petroleum-based plastics, perhaps. Glass can even be boiled to remove labels from. Things we cannot make on our own we should strive to buy in bulk and fill into our superior reusable containers.

  4. Thank you for writing up this article, it's really helpful.

  5. Hey, thanks for the WD40 tip (and the spray hydrogen peroxide tip!)... and welcome back to beautiful Utah!!


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