How to use a selfie stick... the automated way.

Selfie sticks are nice for helping you stretch out your arms a bit, but you still have to bring your phone close to unlock the screen and open your camera app... or do you?

I have found a way to automate the whole process so that all you have to do is turn your selfie stick on and off and the phone screen will automatically be unlocked and the camera app will automatically open.
What you will need:
  • A smartphone that can be used with a selfie stick. I use Android but theoretically you can use the same principles to probably do this on an iPhone.
  • A Bluetooth selfie stick. Mpow has some fantastic selfie sticks and the selfie stick I use for this tutorial is Mpow (though any Bluetooth selfie stick should work basically the same way). 
  • The Llama Android app. Other automation apps like Tasker, Automate, Trigger, or IFTTT will probably work as well.
The basic concept is that you will program your app with the condition of being connected to your selfie stick. When that happens the app will run the actions to turn the screen on, unlock the screen, and open the camera app. When you disconnect from the selfie stick (by turning the selfie stick off) the phone screen will automatically turn off.

You can view how to do this step by step by watching this video I made of me showing how to setup Llama:

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