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(Note: For a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of features and prices for different VPNs, click on this VPN and Proxy Comparison list.)

Because I live in China, I am forced to look at different options for viewing an unblocked version of the Internet. This means I must use either a proxy or VPN.

I recently discovered gfwVPN and I think this might be my favorite VPN so far. For the past three months I have been using one of the most popular VPNs here in China, Astrill. Astrill is quite good and offers a lot of bells and whistles, the only problem is that it has not been completely reliable for me to connect using Linux.

I have tired various other VPNs and they don't seem to work at all for me. When I tried gfwVPN I was skeptical at first but I decided to pay the 1 cent and try it for an hour (though I think they ended up letting me try it for a day).

I am happy to report that it worked flawlessly in both Windows and Linux. I think when my Astrill account runs out, I will go ahead and sign up for gfwVPN

Pros of gwfVPN:
  • Cheap(ish) - Perhaps one of the cheapest VPNs I have seen.
  • Easy to set up and works well in China.
  • Can use it for an hour just by paying 1 cent.
  • 2 online users per account.
Cons of gwfVPN:
  • No special software to make it easier to use (not a con for me, but could be for people a bit less tech savvy.
  • No apparent live support if you need it (again, not really a con until you actually need it).
Price Comparison:
1 Month for  gwfVPN: $7
1 Month for Astrill: Not available

3 Months for  gwfVPN: $21
3 Months for Astrill: $30

6 Months for  gwfVPN: $35
6 Months for Astrill: $40

1 Year for  gwfVPN: $56
1 Year for Astrill: $70

(Note: For a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of features and prices for different VPNs, click on this VPN and Proxy Comparison list.)

About McKay Christensen

After having lived in Oregon, Alaska, and China for the past 10 years doing landscape design and English teaching, I have returned to my home state of Utah and currently work for a growing tech company.

In my free time I enjoy working on my website where I post tutorials and reviews (and anything else I think is geeky) and I also like to write songs for my Super English Kid Youtube channel.

My favorite things to do include anything with my wife and son. Hiking, camping, and photography (or anything else outdoors). Playing Ultimate Frisbee or Ping Pong. Listening to 60s, 70s, or 80s, music. 

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  1. do you think is still good..? i used gotrusted and is ok for me..? how can we compare both? right now im in venezuela but i will go back to shanghai on feb 7th. so im planning to activate my service again... im no a techman or geek at all...

  2. Yeah... I don't really care much for this VPN anymore. Bought a proxy off and have been much happier with that!

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    1. Done and done. I love EarthVPN! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

      You can find my review here.


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