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Yunio - A new contender for cloud storage

Update: Yunio is now offering 1TB (and more) of free storage. It is incredible! (let's hope it lasts long...)
Upon my arrival in China, I realized that a lot of the software or websites I have come to love and rely on were no longer as reliable. This sent me on a quest to find replacement software or websites for things that the "Great Firewall or China" made difficult to access. In the process I have found many terrible Chinese applications and websites, but I have also come across a few gems. One of these gems is Yunio.

Yunio is cloud storage that is very similar to the cloud storage giant Dropbox. In China I was having problems accessing dropbox (perhaps it was also related to the fact that I am using Kubuntu). I think I first saw Yunio in the Android market and was intrigued by the extra storage space that they offered (5gb). I tried it out and concluded that it was decent but not great. The one huge selling point for me was that it had a native client for Linux. That meant now more trying to get Dropbox to work in KDE.

In fact, Yunio supports Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone and Android. Of course, you can always just use the website as well.

Yunio's support for so many devices is one reason why I like it so much.

I started using Yunio about a year ago and had quite a few problems with it. For one, it was only in Chinese. At the time, it also did not allow sharing files. The great thing about Yunio though is how often they make improvements and update software. Yunio is now in English, allows file sharing publicly and to a group and updates that client software on a regular basis.
Part of the Yunio website.

Yunio also offers a recycle bin so that you have 30 days to restore any file that you have previously deleted. This is especially handy if you are sharing files with other members of a group and they accidentally delete files you need.

Yunio client software runs in the background.
The client software is simple and easy to use. It is minimized in the task bar and works basically that same as any other cloud storage does.

You can set up Yunio on however many devices you would like. The client software allows you to hand pick which folders that you want to keep in sync and which ones you do not.

One you my favorite things about Yunio is that you start off with 5gb of storage space. Not only that, but Yunio offers quite simple ways of increasing your storage.

Yunio allows you to see exactly which files are being synced, and the process of each. 

You can easily great a group folder and share it with whoever has a Yunio account. This makes collaboration simple and easy.

On the website, you can easily click on a link that gives you a public URL to share files with whomever you would like. I find that this is extremely convenient. On my personal website, I am able to embed a shared folder so that anyone can access the files I have up on Yunio.

Yunio is still quite new and seems to have a few issues with syncing the same file that is edited on multiple computers. Other than that though I have not seen any major issues.

All in all, Yunio is great cloud storage and I highly recommend you go to and try it out.

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  1. Thanks for giving such useful update regarding Yunio. According to above mentioned features it is surely one of the best cloud storage service
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  2. Yunio is now giving away 1TB FREE as of Dec 26 2013!

    1. They have been offering it for a few months now. It is great. I already posted about it link here.

  3. Do not use the YUNIO.
    After some file transfers it forward error that is only solved by buying a service package.

    Não utilize o YUNIO.
    Após algumas transferências de arquivos ele apresente erro que so é resolvido comprando um pacote de serviço.

    1. Yeah; seems like Yunio has moved to a paying only model now. Though very unfortunate, I can't say I am surprised. I think they have lost many customers, and probably a significant amount of trust.


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