Lack the motivation to floss? Use a water flosser!

Do you ever lack the motivation to floss? Maybe that is because flossing is painful, time consuming, gross, and downright miserable (well.... maybe it isn't that bad, but sometimes it can be). If that is the case for you, then you might want to consider water flossing!

MSLPro Emergency Blackout light Review.

The MSLPro Emergency light automatically lights up in a power failure. It is a nice bright light that lasts for several hours using its build-in rechargeable battery. It uses a super efficient LED bulb and can double as a bright night-light.

Finn - The best way to mount a phone on your bike.

I have been riding my bike to work for the past five years. During that span of time I have tried on a couple of different occasions to mount my phone on my bike. Each time, I would buy a mount for my phone, put it on my bike, think of how cool it was, not use it for a while, then realize that my phone mount looked goofy without a phone; so I would take it off. Inevitably, after a while, I would wish I still had the phone mount on my bike but I would be too lazy to put it back on.

I was a bit skeptical that I would have a similar experience when I got the Finn mount, but I have loved this little mount! It is easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to store, and works like a champ!

Loop6ix Jitterbugs Bluetooth Earbuds Review

This week I have been using the Loop6ix Bluetooth earbuds. I must say that ever since I have started using Bluetooth headphones I don't think I will ever go back to wired headphones! It is so nice to not have to worry about wires anywhere.

How cool is it that we live in a time where we can instantly get the temperature of anything with a laser?!

This week I got a Nubee Temperature Gun. It is probably the funnest toy (note: not a toy) that I have been able to play with in a long while. I am just amazed at how something can instantly tell me how hot something is without even touching it.

We live in amazing times.

Get more festive using LED strips and channel diffusers.

With LED light strips increasing in quality and decreasing in price, now is a great time to enhance your holiday decorations. Need some orange background for Halloween? No problem. What about green and red colors for Christmas? You can use the same LED strip!

Why you should probably get a mandoline.

Every kitchen needs a mandoline (a mandolin is great as well, but for a band; not a kitchen). Once you have a mandoline, you quickly realize that most of the things you cut can be done much more easily and quickly in a mandoline. Need to slice tomatoes? No problem. Want to shred veggies for salad? Easy.

A mandoline will make your life so much easier; if you don't already have one, GET ONE NOW!

How to use an herb grinder (for non-smokers).

I enjoy doing things myself (rather, I enjoy not having to leave my home when I don't have to). Cooking is always best when you grew your own herbs! You can hang dry your herbs and use your hand or mortar and pestle to grind your herbs but personally, I like to dry them a bit faster in a food dehydrator and grind my herbs in an herb grinder. The herb grinder grinds the herbs more uniformly than you could do by hand. The herb grinder is great too because you can avoid turning your herbs into a dry powder.

Does Garcinia Cambogia really work?

Recently I have been trying to lose weight. Like many people, I go through weight phases; sometimes I do pretty well and sometimes (like when I have a three month vacation) I pack on a few more pounds than I would like.

Earlier this week I received some garcinia cambogia capsules which claim to suppress appetite, inhibit fat, and improve energy. I was pretty suspicious that they would really do anything but I have had a couple instances where after taking the capsules I really did feel less hungry.

Of course, this could be mental and be acting like a placebo, but I think it really does help.

Just a couple days ago I skipped breakfast and ate a couple of these capsules before eating lunch. For lunch I had three apples. Later that day I had another banana and I was completely satisfied for the rest of the day. I tell you what; usually if that is all I have had, I would be quite hungry with only eating a handful of fruits.

Garcinia cambogia really does suppress the appetite! As for the extra energy and inhibited fat....  I can't say I have really noticed a difference. Appetite suppression is good enough for me though!

How to make banana ice cream using a food chopper. (And applesauce too!)

Yes, you read the title correctly; I didn't say food processor, I said food chopper. If you do a quick Google search for "banana ice cream," there is no shortage of tutorials that show that it can be done in a food processor. I wanted to see if you could do it in a food chopper. Well, you can! Surprise!