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How to install and use the BB Bluetooth ceiling light and speaker

The BB Bluetooth ceiling light and speaker is definitely the coolest light I have had. Not only can you choose the light to be whatever color or brightness that you want, the speaker is also really nice for listening to music. A few things you might want to be aware of if you decide to get this light and speaker are: 1) The instructions it comes with didn't help me at all; you should watch my video to help you decide whether or not you feel confident in installing this. 2) If you have short wires coming from the ceiling, it might be difficult to connect. 3) Every time the light pairs with your phone, it makes a beep as it pairs (also, if you decide to unpair it because you don't like the beep, the light will make constant pairing requests to your phone).

The difficulty level of installing this really depends on your existing conditions. If you have a hole with a diameter of 5" or smaller, it will be pretty easy to drill the necessary holes. If the wires coming from the ceiling are longer than 5", that will also make things a lot easier (I think the wires from my ceiling were only about 3 or 4 inches long and it make connecting the wires a bit difficult).

Here are the basic steps for installing:

  • Create a template using a pencil and paper.
  • Turn off the light switch and circuit breaker and remove your existing light.
  • Use that template on your ceiling to mark where you want the holes to go.
  • Use an electric drill and a 19/64 drill bit to drill your holes (I recommend starting out by just drilling one hole then mounting the light to verify the remaining three hole locations).
  • Once the holes are drilled, use a hammer to gently insert the yellow plastic housings for the screws.
  • Screw in two opposite screws most of the way so you can mount and twist the light to hold it into place.
  • Connect the wires using twist connectors. Connect blue to white; brown to black; and yellow/green to the ground wire.
  • While the light is temporarily mounted, turn on the light to make sure it works (it takes a couple seconds to turn on completely). 
  • If it is working, fasten all the screws, then screw on the plastic cover (note: the plastic cover might feel screwed on.... you really want to verify that it is or it might fall off.
Here is a video of my installing this light:

Overall, I much prefer this light over a standard ceiling light. It is LED so it does not consume a lot of power. The ability to program it and put it on timers is really nice. I much prefer the Bluetooth app over the remote it comes with. When I first got the light I thought the remote was broken because it didn't do anything... turns out that you have to pair the remote with the light by pressing and holding both the on and off buttons of on of the on/off buttons on the bottom.

The music that comes from the speaker has great sound and volume. It is really nice having a speaker always ready to go and at the top of the ceiling. Because it beeps when it pairs with your phone, I don't recommend installing this in a room where people sleep unless you just keep it on all the time and use the app to program when you want the lights to turn on or off (which works great as a silent alarm clock).

View the current price of this light on Amazon here.

View a video of me using this light with the Smartphone app and remote below:

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