Q-Band Fitness Tracker review

The Q-Band EX Fitness Band/tracker is a cheaper alternative to devices such as the Fitbit OneFitbit Flex, or Fitbit Alta, yet offers more features. Some of the features it offers is counting steps, counting calories, vibrating alarms and notifications, watch, and sleep tracker. The screen in sleek and clear and the tracker is comfortable to wear.
You can view my video review below, or continue reading for some additional thoughts on this fitness tracker.

I find this to tracker to be comparable to other more expensive fitness trackers. The main area where this fitness tracker shines is with all the features. I love being able to track sleep and I love the silent vibrating reviews as well.

This is useful at work as well because it notifies me of calendar events as well as Slack messages.

The battery life is quite good as it lasts for over a week. It is comfortable to wear and as stylish as any fitness tracker can be.

The app is quite nice as it gives you all the info you could possibly want. The only downside to the app is that is has to be running all the time and shows in the notification bar. Also, if you do exit out of the app and restart your phone, it will automatically start up again (not necessarily a bad thing).

I think the Q-Band fitness tracker is already quite good but it has the potential to be even better. This can be updated via your smartphone. I am hoping in the future that notifications won't just show a single line but will be scrollable so you can read and entire message. Also, I hope that in the future you will be able to tell the time just by flicking your wrist and not needing to press the button each time.

My main complaint with this fitness tracker is that I find it a bit difficult to put the band on my wrist.

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Q-Band EX Fitness Band

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