Versatility/Mambo Soft Baby Carrier Backpack with Hip Seat - Instructions and review

The Mambo baby carrier is fantastic! I have been using the Baby Bjorn carrier since my son was an infant, but now that he is getting too big I have upgraded to this baby carrier. I am not quite sure what to call it as the box it come in says Mambo and the rest is in Chinese. The Amazon page lists it as The Versatility Soft Baby Carrier. I don't really care what it is called because I just think it is awesome!

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 What I really like about this is that the waist strap is comfortable and does a good job distributing the weight. While the Baby Bjorn carrier is also great and comfortable, I notice that now that my son is heavier, my back starts to hurt after about 10 minutes. With this baby carrier however this is not the case.

The first time putting it on was a bit difficult but now that I have it sized and am familiar with it, I find putting it on to be just as easy as any other baby carrier.

Here is the way I think it is easiest to use:
  • Adjust the shoulder straps before putting your baby in (obviously you will have to guess for your first time).
  • Put the waist strap on so that the baby carrier is behind you.
  • Once the waist strap is on, swing it around, then tighten it.
  • Hold the baby with one hand and put your other hand through the strap.
  • Repeat but with the other hand.
  • Use both hands to clip the straps together behind your neck.
Here is a video I made that shows how I put it on:

Overall I have been very happy with the baby carrier and really like how it reduces the strain on my shoulders. Not only is this comfortable to wear for a short time, it is comfortable when you wear it for several minutes or hours.

I feel that the design of this baby carrier took a lot of things into consideration. Here are a few of the things that impressed me with it:
  • There is a drool rag. At least that is what I think it is for and that is essentially what my son uses it for.
  • The waist strap has Velcro to make it easy to hold in place before your tighten the strap.
  • There is a head cover for when your baby is sleeping (or when you want him to sleep). 
  • There is a plastic piece in the base that the baby sits on for support. This can be removed for when you wash it.
  • Speaking of washing... it even comes with a washing bag!
  • There is a main pocket under the base that is quite large and a side pocket. There is also a pouch in front that can be used to store rags or the head cover. This can be completely removed for when it is hot revealing a breathable mesh.
Some things I struggle with:
  • I did have a problem removing the zipper completely from the base and main portion of the carrier. This is mostly me not know what I was doing. My wife was able to remove it quite easily. 
  • Finding the clip to hold the shoulder strap in is sometimes difficult. That being said, the more times I wear this, the easier it is. 
  • Adjusting the shoulder strap while wearing it can be difficult.
Overall, I would recommend this Versatility baby carrier to anyone with a larger baby. My son is approaching the 30 lb mark and it is a good size for him. I expect this to work for him for up to another year.

Amazon Link:  ||  20% off Coupon Code: [UPWX8RBS].  Expires: Dec 31st

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