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Review of those laser Christmas light things that are popping up everywhere. Holiday laser light projector with remote.

Just before Christmas I was sent some laser lights to review. I have seen this start to popup everywhere and I think the concept is cool so I was really excited to try the lights out and see if they lived up to my expectations. Click here to see the current price of these laser lights on Amazon.

The packaging was quite nice and the fist thing I noticed was how durable and heavy the laser unit is. Looks to be made of brushed aluminum. Everything was easy to assemble. The screw for the stake didn't go in well for me unless I didn't use any of the washers provided.

The unit itself just stakes into the ground. Easy peasy. The cord is only about 10 feet long so you will have to run an extension cord or keep it close to the house. If you do run an extension cord, you will either want to buy the cord specifically for the laser lights, or use your own extension cord and place the power unit into a weatherproof box or case.

Everything can be controlled by a remote control and you can put the lights on a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

To see the lights in action and get more insight, check out my Youtube review below:

Overall, I think the lights are fun and the best benefit is easily how fast the lights are to setup and take down. To make most effective, I would suggest multiple units and make sure they are well placed.

Click here to see the current price of these laser lights on Amazon.

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