How to remember special dates or occasions like a boss.

I just finished celebrating my three year Iloveyouiversary with my wife. It was three years ago today when I first told my wife that I loved her. My wife thought it was soooo sweet that I remembered  this. Here's the thing though. I didn't remember.

This is what I did and what I do for any special or unique occasion I have with my wife. Whenever something significant or special happens with me and my wife, I open up my Google calendar and go back to the day and time that the event happened. For the event I will write what happened (our first date, first kiss, first time we talked, etc) and the day it happened on.

In the description I write details that I am likely to forget but might be useful to remember (like where we ate, how much it cost, impressions I had, etc). 

Important thing #1 - I set the calendar event as reaccuring on a yearly basis.
Important thing #2 - I set an email reminder for two days before the event. I find that two days usually gives me enough time to prepare to have a mini little celebration if I need to.

Once I receive the email, I am able to read it and it can refresh on all the event details. Say for instance it is my firstdateivversary; I will go up to my wife and say something like "Did you know that X years ago we went on our first date together? We went to X place and ate the X. I remember how X I felt and how X you looked, etc.

This has ended up working great for many things. I have been able to celebrate our firsttimetalkingiversary, our firstdateiversary, our firstkissiversary, our firstvacationiversary, and of course, our anniversary.

Pro tip: Keep a good journal. I had no idea I would marry my wife when we went on our first date, but luckily I had a good enough journal so that when I did marry her, I could see the time and date of our first date.

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