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Project Time Sheet Overview:

Project Time Sheet is a time tracking spreadsheet designed for independent or personal projects. The time sheet automatically tracks your time for each project you are working on so that you can know how much time you spend on you different projects. This time sheet is especially useful for people who work from home, bloggers, Youtubers, independent contractors, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, web designers, etc.
  • Time Sheet is saved on Google Drive so you can access it from anywhere. 
  • Time Sheet automatically marks the date and time so you don't have to input it manually. All you have to do is press a button. 
  • Time Sheet automatically tallies the time spent on each project. 
  • Set goals and accomplishments so you can easily view the progress of your project.
  • Set how much money you have made on the project to see what your hourly wage would be.
UPDATE: I was recently introduced to something similar by Time Doctor. You can find their templates here. I tried out their Weekly Timesheet Template and must say that it is much prettier than mine. Pro tip: When using their template, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+; to insert the date and time in a cell.

Keep reading for the download links and usage instructions.
Download from Google Docs Template Gallery
Download Project Time Sheet From Google Drive
(Note: Project Time Sheet only works on Google Drive)

Once you have your Time Sheet open, you will first want to duplicate the template sheet. On the bottom sheet where it says "Template," click on the arrow and select "Duplicate."

Once you have made a duplicate sheet, you can double click on the sheet name and give it a name to describe your project.

To begin your Time Sheet, you can write down what you hope to accomplish while working on your project. This is not required or necessary for Time Sheet to work, but I find that it helps with your mindset and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

After you type your goals, you can press tab or click on the next cell to the right to input your "Start Time." You will notice in the cell that there is a small arrow to the side of the cell. You can click on this (or press enter) and it will show the current date and time. Once you see this, you can press the time (or use the down arrow key and enter). Once you have selected this, you start time has been set.

When you are finished working, or taking a break, or need to leave your project for any reason, you can clock out. You can first write what you accomplished (not necessary, but useful for future reference) then you will click on the arrow in the "End Time" cell. Once you have selected the current time for "End Time," the spreadsheet will automatically tell you the amount of time you have spent on your current session along with the total time spent on the project.

If your projects has earned money (generally, this may be much later than the time you completed your project) you can input the amount of money you have made for the project. The spreadsheet will show you how much money on a per hour basic the project has generated. You can always go back and edit the amount of money you have made if your project continues to generate revenue for you.

You can work on as many different projects simultaneously as you would like. Just create a new sheet from the template.

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  1. Once you have your Time Sheet open, you will first want to duplicate the template sheet. On the bottom sheet where it says "Template," click on the arrow and select "Duplicate."best time tracking software


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