Tip of The Day - When copying and pasting to the web, don't use MS Word

Suppose you are writing a blog post that you want to upload to Blogger or Wordpress. Maybe you are just writing a long email to a friend and want to copy and paste it and send it has an email.

You should avoid copying and pasting from MS word; here is why: as you can see in the screenshot above, using MS Word (or some other Word Processors) adds unnecessary coding, which can often be problematic and cause headache down the road when you want specific formatting.

A simple way to avoid this is simply to copy and paste into a text editor such as Notepad++. Once you have pasted into Notepad++ the formatting is gone with the extra coding. Now you can copy and paste your text without having to worry about bloated code from MS word.

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  1. Another option that works in many applications (Chrome, Firefox - have not tried with recent IEs or other browsers)... is the Keyboard Shortcut:
    (Ctrl-V - is regular paste)


    1. I discovered Ctrl+Shift+V about a year ago and use it all the time now! One of the best discoveries I have made. Thanks for the comment and sharing that great tip with everyone!


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