Photivo Review and Tutorial - RAW Photo Editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows

I first tried Photivo a few years ago. My initial impression was that it was quite feature rich but a bit difficult to use. Now that I have used it quite a bit, I still have a similar impression. I think out of all the RAW photo editors I have used in Linux, Photivo is the most feature rich. It is a very good program. I think the workflow and layout could be quite a bit better, but overall, it is still very good. If you take pictures in RAW and use Linux, Photivo is a must to at least try out.

If you would like to view a comparison with Photivo and Lightroom, please look at my tutorial here.

Below is the video of the tutorial and review. If you would like to follow along with the tutorial, here is the original CR2 RAW file.


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