How to use Heal Selection and heal transparency tools in Gimp (formerly Resynthesizer)

Before image: With heal selection, we can remove elements such as the tree branches.

After image: I used the heal selection tool to remove some elements of this photo. The heal transparency tool allowed me to elongate the image.

The heal transparency and heal selection tool allows you to easily remove elements from your image or fill in missing areas from your image. They are Gimp tool found in Filters>Enhance. These tools were formerly done using the plugin "Resynthesizer" (Resynthesizer now no longer works the way it should in some versions of Gimp).

These tools are similar to Photoshop's "Content aware."

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  1. Hi sir ,
    I was reading you face changing tutorial , it was really good . I am new to gimp and can't change my face with an another person , will you please change my face with another person for the first time ?

    1. I am very curious if this guy succeeded

    2. He did. now he looks like Travolta and speaks like Cage

  2. This is cool and very useful stuff, when some minor stuff ruining entire picture.

    Thanks :)


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