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Cooking Banana Bread in a Rice Cooker

One thing I have noticed in China is that I have had to be a bit more creative here when it comes to cooking. I can't use a full size oven, so I have to make due with a toaster oven. I have been on a banana bread craze and while looking for better ways to cook it I came up with a pretty neat method: cooking it in a rice cooker.

You can find my recipe for banana bread here.

Most rice cookers now have a little extension that you can use for steaming vegetables (or something like that). I decided to look for cans that would fit that. I first thought about tuna cans, but found tuna to be a bit expensive for me, so I ended up with these corn cans that were the perfect size.

After I ate the corn, I got pliers to smooth out the lip where the lid once was.

Not all cans have this lip, but if yours does, you may want to find a way to smooth it out.

I got many cans so that I could do this in bulk. When you put the batter in, you should only fill it up about half way because the dough will rise to about twice the current size.

The cans I bought have lids on them, so I am able to stick the dough in the freezer to save for another day.

When I am ready to eat banana bread, I place two to four cans in my rice cooker, put water in the rice cooker, then turn it on.

From the frozen to finished state is only about 30 - 40 minutes. Not bad. The great thing about this is that it is difficult to overcook. The bread comes out very moist and delicious!

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  1. That's pretty hardcore, you must really love Banana bread. Nice tutorial, cheers.

  2. Yeah. I really do love banana bread. Thanks.

  3. Great! As i've been interested in other way of cooking banana bread, thanks for sharing this idea.


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