One of the many reasons I love Google

This is a picture of my bathroom here in China. Nothing special really (other than the fact that I moved into a really nasty apartment with a nasty bathroom). Nothing special I thought.
This is why Google is so cool.

I recently upgraded Picasa to the newest version. I decided to go through and use Picasa to organize some of my contacts with faces. It was when I was doing this that Picasa brought up this photo for me to tag. My initial response was that Picasa was crazy, but after looking at the smaller thumbnail, I realized it totally does look like a face.

I love you Google. 

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  1. because you fear the privacy implications of mass face recognition and you're glad that they suck at it?

  2. Actually, I honestly do love Google. I probably don't care as much about privacy as I should. I just thought it was funny that Picasa was able to interpret my bathroom as a face. It did that with a couple of other random pictures as well that look a lot less like a face.

  3. You've seen it, Dàli did it...


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