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OK. So I must admit, this post does not really go too well with the theme of this blog. This is  tutorialish, nor is it very geeky (unless you like to call Disc Golf Frolf [Frisbee Golf], in which case, that would be pretty geeky).

That being said, this tip of the day is to encourage you to do what I did yesterday. I went exploring. I hopped on my bike and rode to a mysterious disc golf course that I didn't believe existed, but sure enough, it does! The thing is, every city or town has hidden gems. Take some time to go out on a walk or a bike ride and look for new things. Discover bike paths, hiking trails, new restaurants, fun shops on main street etc.

Unrelated to the purpose of this blog, I want to mention how cool my hometown of Spanish Fork, Utah is (great bike trails, newly discovery disc golf course, fast internet and even its own TV station whose commercials (unintentionally) provide hours of entertainment. I also want to talk about the disc golf course I found (and my recent love for the sport). I am doing this mainly so that rather than me calling up and talking to my friends about the cool disc golf course, I can do the geekier thing and just send them a link to my blog.

The Spanish Fork Disc Golf Course

The other day I went to play disc golf with my friend. I have only been a handful of times and only knew of one location in the valley where I live. I decided I would do a Google search and discovered from this site that there was a Disc Golf course in Spanish Fork!

Yesterday I hopped on my bike and rode for 25 minutes until I showed up to the actual course. I was impressed when I showed up to actually see I sign for the course. I didn't know anything existed in the area. I looks like it was just an old gravel pit.

The course is located at 1251 S. 3450 E. Spanish Fork, UT

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The location is pretty odd for a disc golf course. It is certainly not much to look at. What it lacks in beauty though, it makes up for in sheer awesomeness!

The first thing I was impressed with is that when I showed up, there was actually a decent sign with the course layout. It had a useful legend as well. I could already tell that there was more work put into this course compared to other disc golf courses in Utah.

All of the tee pads also had very useful signs with topographical maps that show exactly where the baskets are to make it obvious which basket you are aiming for.

The course has 18 baskets and amateur and pro tee pads and pars to give you plenty of options for all skill levels.

Everything on the course was in good condition. The baskets were great, and the signs were perfect.

The Good:
This course is a super fun course. There are plenty of hills that work as obstacles and make the game play a ton of fun. There are many instances where you can't see the baskets because they are hiding behind a mound. There was one instance where one of my throws went into a pit that I had to crawl down. The fact that there are pro and amateur tees makes the course that much more fun. With 18 baskets, 2 different tee off pads and 3 different par levels, the course provides great diversity. There are plenty of long tees to add to the excitement. Because there are no trees, shrubs or water, it is not too likely that you will loose your disc.  Lastly, the course does not seem to be incredibly well known and therefore is not super crowded. Even if it was, it is large enough that you will not be running into other people too often.

The bad:
Not really the prettiest course. It is basically a weed infested abandoned gravel pit. It looks like they mow the weeds down once a month or something like that. You WILL be walking in tall weeds. Consider wearing pants (if you are like me and can't stand pants on a hot day, you will at least want some high socks). Spring is probably the best time to go. You won't have to worry as much about the weeds at that time. Even though there are no trees, there still is a chance that you could lose your disc in the weeds. LOTS of weeds. There are NO places for shade. If you are going on a cloudless summer day, you will probably get burnt unless you bring some sunscreen.

The course is definitely not a park for you to have a picnic. This is a disc golf course only. Even though the view is not that great, the course is fantastic place to play! Thank you Spanish Fork!

Applications if you have an Android Phone

Easy Scorecard - Helps you keep track of your score. Allows you to input the par on the course and keeps a log of your games. Works for multiple players.

Golf Shot Tracker - Uses your GPS to measure the distance of your throws. Fun if you have a great throw or just for measuring distance in practice (I used this to see which disc I can consistently throw furthest with).

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  1. I didn't know anything existed in the area. I looks like it was just an old gravel pit.find a golf course


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