Best Video Screen Casting/capturing Software for Linux

Recently I have been doing more screen casts for my blog. Unfortunately, in Linux there are not a whole lot of programs available. I will discuss a few a the more popular programs with their pros and cons.

Check out the video below if you want to see the screen cast programs in action.

Istanbul Screencast 
Pros: Easy to install. Simple and clean.
Cons: Not many options. Only records in Ogg vorbis.

Pros: Easy to install. A few more options. Simple and clean.
Cons: Only records in Ogg vorbis.

Pros: Most feature rich. Allows you to select different video formats. Easy to use.
Cons: Apparently no active development for many years. Audio most likely will not work for you and it is quite difficult to get it working.

Kazam Screencaster
Pros: Easy to use. Works well. Saves in .mkv so uploading to works well.
Cons: Not as easy to install (not difficult to install though).

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  1. I prefer recordmydesktop. It's quite easy to convert to other formats if you have ffmpeg installed:

    ffmpeg -i input.ogg output.webm

  2. Yeah. I did that for a while as well. I like the simplicity of recordmydesktop. I found though that converting the file didn't always work that well. That is why I switch to Kazam.

  3. gnome-shell has a nice screen recorder, it doesn't record sound however. So you just record sound with sound-recorder then mix them together later with openshot


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