RAW Photo Editing - Darktable Review/Tutorial

As I have continued to play with RAW images, and have been continually looking for the best software. Previously I had mentioned that RawTherapee was my favorite RAW editor. Looks like it has been bested by Darktable. Darktable is amazing! I have done a video tutorial/review as well as listed some pros and cons.


Pros: Has many many features. Very easy to use. Pretty interface. Allows batch editing. Allows you to save different editing profiles. Good image browser. 
Cons: Not the fastest. Can still be a bit confusing at time (steeper learning curve). Not in the Ubuntu repositories (yet?) This can make it difficult for some to install (though adding the PPA is quite simple).

Conclusion: This program was mentioned to me in a comment and I am grateful it was! I think Darktable  has surpassed RawTherapee as my new favorite RAW editor. The interface looks great and is fun to use. It has an incredible amount of features! This is a program you NEED TO TRY if you do RAW editing!

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  2. Nice article Mckay. I checked the video too. It was nice.

  3. Hey Mckay, you should submit this on hackr too. Their design community will love it. https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-darktable


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