How to do Sleeve Faces

Doing sleeve faces (or record faces) is a fun thing you can do with all your old records! Here are some tips for how you can get the most out of it.

Choose records with great faces on them!

Make sure that the record has something interesting, unique or exciting.

Angles. Sometimes it is hard to match up the angles real well; the more you can imitate the original angle, the more seamless your sleeve face will look.

Do a bit of photoshopping if you need to. You can try to match up your photo with the style or the original photo.

Lighting. If you can match the lighting of the original photo, it may look more like you are a part of the photo.

Perspective. Try to keep perspective. Some records will have faces that are simply too big or small. Experiment.

Get other people involved. Sleeve faces is a great activity to do with others! It makes a great date. Just go to a thrift store and have a great time!

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