Jimmer Fredette/BYU Basketball Wallpapers - Free, High Quality

The Jimmer - You Got Jimmered!

BYU Cougars - Jimmer Fredette #32

The Jimmer

BYU Basketball - You Got Jimmered. Done in Inkscape

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  1. I think you definitely need a Tre'Von Willis one... something like "Possibly the best player in the Mountain West" with a subscript by Kevin Durrant "or the best scorer in the Universe" (or whatever he said). Good work.

  2. I found a site called haha they called him the SDSU Killer!!

  3. awww the site doesn't show. is it

  4. I am seeking that Jimmer really playing after a great coach,with great "TEAM" situated players that you will see the genuine Jimmer!He hasn't had ANY as similarity of a chance after Westphal got railroaded...Just had him for 7 games so.... Jimmer time!!

    @Ronald Smith.


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