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How to make a DIY Phone Charger Stand using Tennis Balls

This is a pretty simple project for making a phone charger stand out of tennis balls. It can be used for just about any type of phone with any type of charger.

Get two tennis balls. Older ones might be best. It gets kind of messy.

Use a hack saw to cut a tennis ball in two. I could not find mine, so I just used a serrated kitchen knife. This seemed to work fine.

In the other tennis ball, cut a slit almost all the way to the bottom.

Then cut across so you have a base to put your phone on.

 In the original ball (the one that you cut completely in half). Cut it in half again as shown. I turned the ball inside out because it made it much easier to cut.

That is basically it. We don't want to just make a stand though. We want it to be a charging base.

Cut an X in the ball where you need to put the power cord.

Feed the cord through the first ball, then feed it through the X you just created. Pull it all the way through, then push it back in the X so it is secure and well placed.

That is it! I cut a notch in mine in the front to give the cord some space. I also cut a small notch in the back for the cord to go through so that the tennis ball can lay (mostly) flush against my desk.

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