Tip of the Day - File organization

We often create folders to contain a set of organized folders.  For instance, we can create a folder called "Pictures" and have many picture folders inside, or a folder called "Music" and have folders inside that are albums.

When we want to organize some of these folders, we will usually create a folder called "organize" or "sort me."  Something to let us know the content needs to be sorted.

Next time you create a folder like that, call the folder "0rganize."  Use the number 0 instead of the letter o.  It looks almost identical, but because of the zero it will come up first in the list of folders.

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  1. I do this for all of my pictures.

    I have my main picture file and within that each file represents a month. Each Month file is titled as follows: 2010 (year) 12(month) Family (description). This allows all of my pictures to be grouped in chronological order. I do this with events that have a lot of pictures. One of my files titles is: 2010 11 Thanksgiving.

    I know if I used a photo organizer program of some sort it would automatically do this (because each picture has a date stamp on it)...but I don't.

    I know that it created 12 or more files a year, but at least I know where every single photo is.

  2. That is definitely a great way to do it. Pretty similar how I do it as well. I also use Picasa which is an amazing (and free) program.

  3. That's a great tip. I've never been focused on my files until I recently started organizing them. I've ran across this guide: and since I all ready own the software, I started to do it, and that is when I realized in what a big mess my files were! Now everything is much clearer and simpler to find :D


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