How to make a blog background - Pimp your blog Part I

Paper texture for a blog. that I am getting somewhat serious about blogging, I figure I might as well have a blog that looks somewhat decent. The background sets the tone for your entire blog, so this is my first step.

The look I am trying to go for is kind of a geeky designer look.  I have kind of been liking the grunge look recently and think I want to go for something similar to what I did with the business card tutorial

Step 1: Get your texture

I am going to use a paper texture.  I will be setting this up in Inkscape and use this for the basis of my blog.

The texture is good by itself but I want to dilute it a bit. Create a separate layer to create an overlay.

I used a tan color then put the layer blend mode to screen.

Create another overlay that is black. Add a radial gradient. Blur it a bit.

That is it. A nice paper texture background for the blog!

Paper texture for a blog.

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