Make your own low (or zero) calorie soda pop

I have always been a huge fan of making home made root beer. It is super fun and easy, but more importantly, it is super delicious.

The concept for making root beer is this: Buy root beer concentrate and mix it with sugar and water then add dry ice to give it the carbonation. Easy.

So one day while I was making root beer, I decided to try an experiment. I started putting dry ice in other drinks and found that it was amazing!

Want to make zero calorie soda? Find some zero calorie Crystal Light and add dry ice to it. Want to make an amazing fruit drink? Add dry ice to it. Want to make your favorite Kool-Aid flavor into soda? Add dry ice to it.
I think you get the point. Making soda out of different flavors of drink is fun and delicious!

About McKay Christensen

After having lived in Oregon, Alaska, and China for the past 10 years doing landscape design and English teaching, I have returned to my home state of Utah and currently work for a growing tech company.

In my free time I enjoy working on my website where I post tutorials and reviews (and anything else I think is geeky) and I also like to write songs for my Super English Kid Youtube channel.

My favorite things to do include anything with my wife and son. Hiking, camping, and photography (or anything else outdoors). Playing Ultimate Frisbee or Ping Pong. Listening to 60s, 70s, or 80s, music. 

Feel free to contact me using my contact page. I would love to hear from any of you!


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